“Complex Trauma: Understanding and Treatment”

This video was amazing! Dr. Langberg, a psychologist from Pennsylvania, explains PTSD from childhood abuse really well. She helped me understand myself better, and I hope that those close to me who I share this with will be able to understand me better and our relationship will benefit as a result. Please watch if you want to understand PTSD from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

A Broken Blue Sky

The following video is one of the best videos I have watched on Complex PTSD.

If you suffer from C-PTSD, it will be very emotional to watch. But it will also be very validating of all that you went through and help you to understand your reactions to life. And will also confirm why it is important to be kind to yourself and to take care of yourself.

If you have not experienced trauma, this is the perfect video to understand those who have.

It is well worth watching for everyone.

Complex Trauma: Understanding and Treatment  by Diane Langberg

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