Loving and parenting an LGBT child

If you were a parent just a few decades, society and some experts would have told you that the most loving thing you could do for your child who was LGBT (although that acronym didn’t exist back then) would be to get them professional mental help because same-sex attraction was believed by many to be a mental illness.

Today, parents are told by society and some experts that the most loving thing they can do for their children who are LGBT is to let them live that lifestyle and celebrate it with them because same-sex attraction is now believed by many in society to be a normal, acceptable lifestyle choice or even an essential part of a person’s identity.

I wonder what society will tell parents in a few more decades?

Rather than following what society tells us (which is always changing, making it clear that they don’t know what they’re talking about), why don’t we follow the example of the Perfect Parent, God?
His view of same-sex attraction or LGBT lifestyles doesn’t change based on fallible human research or political activism and lobbying.

How does God parent His LGBT as well as His other children?

He loves His children eternally, even if they don’t love Him back. He loves them no matter what they do. Because He loves them, He lets them go through hard times in order to learn from those challenges. He blesses them as much as they will allow.

He also has some blessings which are conditional based on obedience.

A wise, just, and responsible human parent isn’t likely to give a privilege or reward to a child who disobeys them.
God, who is also just and wise and good (infinity times more than the best human parent) likewise reserves some blessings for those who obey and thus qualify.
Those who choose not to obey aren’t loved any less, just as a human parent isn’t going to love their child less just because they didn’t clean their room or obey some other rule.

The child who doesn’t obey parental rules disqualifies himself or herself from rewards or privileges the parent wishes to give them, but cannot justly or responsibly give them if they are disobedient.
The child of God who doesn’t live His law of chastity is also disqualifying himself or herself from both earthly and eternal blessings God desires to give them.

Parental rules (except in a few cases, since humans are imperfect) are always for the benefit of the child. They are to protect the child, keep them healthy, and help them grow into a happy contributing member of society. The child doesn’t understand that while they are still a child, but once they grow up and gain knowledge and experience, they usually begin to understand.

God’s laws are also for the benefit of each one of us. We are all children compared to God. We all have so much to learn and so much progress and growth we need to make and experiences we need to have in order to see what He sees and comprehend what He comprehends.

Just as a child doesn’t need to perfectly understand a parent’s rules in order to obey them, we don’t need to perfectly understand why God’s law of chastity tells us that same-sex relationships are unhealthy and wrong in order to obey Him.

If we trust Him and obey Him, we will receive the blessings both in this life and in eternity that He desires to give us.

It is up to each person to find the balance between teaching truth and loving their child.
We can love our children without celebrating when they make a choice that disqualifies them for some of God’s blessings.
God doesn’t abandon His laws (which would be unloving because they are for our benefit) but He also doesn’t abandon His children who choose to engage in same-sex relationships.
We can hold on to our values and our trust in and obedience to God and also hold on to our children and our relationship with them.

God loves them more than we do. He wants them to be obedient to Him more than we do. As we strive to follow His example and seek His guidance, He will help us to know how to find the balance.

This is written from the perspective of a Christian young adult who experiences same-gender attraction. I’m not a parent yet, but this is what I would want my parents to understand. I wouldn’t want them to tell me something is okay that isn’t. I wouldn’t want them to celebrate me putting myself in spiritual harm’s way. If I lose my way, I would want them to stay faithful to me until I find my way back, but I wouldn’t want them to encourage me to stay lost.


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