Unseen (Emotional abuse)

I see the story on the news
The child beaten with fists and feet
Her injuries severe
The abuse is decried as barbaric
She told
or someone saw the bruises
and she was rescued.

I see the story on the news
The child who was raped
Violated by a twisted adult
The secret was revealed
The evidence gathered
The perpetrator went to jail.

My story will never be on the news
Sometimes I wish my parents would leave a bruise,
something I could show someone else so that I could be rescued
But instead of hitting with fists they speak words that beat my soul into a bloody pulp
They speak words that cut my spirit to pieces
They speak words that violate my inner dignity and self-worth
I will never be rescued
My abusers never held accountable
Because no one can see the damage
The evidence is there—
in my depressed and anxious behavior, my failing grades, my “acting out”
or my perfectionism
the invisible bruises are visible in so many ways
But the world hasn’t been taught to see
Or won’t see

After writing this poem I had the thought that even though as a child no one may believe you about the emotional abuse, as an adult you can rescue yourself and you can hold your abusers accountable by limiting their influence in your life through strong boundaries or by eliminating them from your life altogether through cutting off contact with them and their abusive behaviors. You can also seek healing from the effects of their behaviors from God and through help from clergy or therapists. Don’t give up!


4 thoughts on “Unseen (Emotional abuse)

  1. Wow! This is spot on. My kids, agas 9&6, have been emotionally abused by their dad(as was I). I got out and got help, but the kids only got out part of the time. After 2 years post separation, we are now going through a lot of rule outs, only to find emotional abuse at the root_. Of course, no one will stand up against the ex because he is dangerous…if that makes any kind of sense?


    1. I feel for you! I’m so glad you got out. The best cure and healing for those who have been emotionally abused is for them to receive unconditional love, and support in the healing process. I believe you’ll be able to help your children immeasurably by providing that for them as best you can as you heal yourself. There are good people out there, surround yourself with them!


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